President Gilbert

KATY BURTON | Scroll Photography

President Clark G. Gilbert and his wife, Christine C. Gilbert, called BYU-Idaho students to rise to the call in the first devotional April 21.

On April 13, on Twitter @ClarkGilbert said, “First day @BYUID. I will rise to the call by listening, learning, and seeking the Spirit #RisetotheCall.”

President Gilbert posted this tweet and issued an invitation to all who attended the devotional.

“Sister Gilbert and I would like to invite each of you to rise to the call in your own personal ways and then to share with others how you will rise to the calls in your life,” President Gilbert said at the devotional. “Rise up and accept the call the Lord has for you, and seek for His power in magnifying your assignments.”

Following President and Sister Gilbert’s devotional, students and faculty members of BYU-I began tweeting using #RisetotheCall.

Cody Cutler, a senior majoring in interdisciplinary studies, responded to President Gilbert’s invitation.

“I think rising to the call means you push yourself, and do your very best,” Cutler said. “That can apply to anything, but particularly when the gospel comes into play, it means keeping covenants, following the prophet and magnifying our callings.”

Heidi Flansberg, a senior studying biology, said President Gilbert’s interacting with students via social media helps President Gilbert relate more to the students on campus.

“I think it’s a great way for him to reach out to us,” Flansberg said. “In this day and age, we, as college students, use so much social media, and we can relate with others who also use social media.”

Cutler said using #RisetotheCall in social media is an effective way to share goodness and influence others.

“I think it’ll do what social media does best and get the word out to others,” Cutler said. “When one person posts something, their friends usually follow suit.”

At the devotional, President Gilbert said students will be blessed in powerful and permanent ways as they rise to the callings the Lord gives them.

On Twitter, Cutler (@cody_cutler24) posted, “I will rise to the call by striving to be selfless, and think of other more than I think of myself. #RisetotheCall.”

Cutler said since he is about to graduate, he has been self-focused lately, thinking about big decisions that are in his near future. He said he is now striving to put others before himself.

“It’s something that’s been on my mind lately,” Cutler said. “Not in those words specifically, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how to ‘become’ and how to change, and their talk struck a cord in me.”

Robert Collins, a sophomore studying computer information technology, said President Gilbert’s devotional helped him find new ways to improve his life.

“I have been struggling to be social and decided, after careful prayer, that was something the Lord wanted me to do,” Collins said.

Collins said he felt inspired to participate in the rise to the call.

On Twitter, Collins (@rcollinsjr0124) said, “I will go out of way to be more social, even if it makes me uncomfortable in certain settings. #RisetotheCall.”

Sherilyn McGinnis, a senior studying music said she tweeted using #RisetotheCall to spread the unique and important message that rising to the call the Lord gives will help those who adhere realize that they are part of a bigger plan.

On Twitter, McGinnis (@sherilyn_m) said, “I will rise to the call @BYUID by discarding my fears, trusting in the Lord and loving more. #risetothecall.”

McGinnis said if students listen to the advice given by President Gilbert to rise to the call, they will be blessed by following counsel based on true principles. She said the result of these blessings will help those become greater servants in the kingdom of God.

“Whether it was the young Joseph Smith called to restore the gospel, David to defeat Goliath or Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, it is not the greatness of the man or woman, but their willingness to rise to the call that leads to the power in the Lord,” said Sister Gilbert at the devotional. “When we look up and truly understand the call the Lord is extending and let go of our self-focus, the Lord will empower us and make us mighty in his hands.”