Boyd K. Packer was ordained as member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles April 9, 1970. Since his calling as a General Authority President Packer has given countless talks teaching important gospel doctrine to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“Perhaps the single greatest thing I learned from reading the Book of Mormon is that the voice of the Spirit comes as a feeling rather than a sound. You will learn, as I have learned, to “listen” for that voice that is felt rather than heard.”

-October 2011 General Conference “Counsel to Youth”


“One of the adversary’s sharpest tools is to convince us that we are no longer worthy to pray. No matter who you are or what you may have done, you can always pray.”

-October 2009 General Conference “Prayers and Promptings”


“All are born with the Light of Christ, a guiding influence which permits each person to recognize right from wrong. What we do with that light and how we respond to those promptings to live righteously is part of the test of mortality.”

-April 2013 General Conference “These Things I Know”



“Keep the fire of your testimony of the restored gospel and your witness of our Redeemer burning so brightly that our children can warm their hands by the fire of your faith.”

-April 2003 General Conference “The Golden Years”



“The word discipline sometimes touches a slightly rebellious chord in our natures. Remember that it comes from the word disciple.”

-“The Holy Temple” by Boyd K. Packer