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DIXON HERZOG | Scroll Photography

President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke about Priesthood and personal prayer.

President Eyring said everyone should seek inspiration from God.

“All of us must speak and act in the name of God in moments where our unaided judgment will not be enough without inspiration,” he said. “Those moments can come upon us where there is not tie to make preparation.”

President Eyring shared a personal story about giving a blessing to a critically injured three-year-old girl.

“As I placed my hands on the one spot on her head not covered with bandages, I had to know, as God’s servant, what He would do and say,” he said.

He said being prepared for inspiration requires an already set pattern of prayer.

President Eyring quoted President Joseph F. Smith, “’we do not have to cry unto him with many words. We do not have to weary him with long prayers. What we do need, and what we should do as Latter-day Saints, for our own good, is to go before him often, to witness unto him that we remember him and that we are willing to take upon his name, keep his commandments, and work righteousness.”

President Eyring said priesthood holders should always pray that God will warn and protect them from evil.

“As a priesthood holder, you are to be part of the warning voice of the Lord,” he said. “But you need to heed the warning yourself. You will not survive spiritually without the protection of the companionship of the Holy Ghost in your daily life.”

He said priesthood holders should act with a prayer of faith.

“With a prayer of faith, God can grant us power in the priesthood for whatever circumstance we may be in,” he said. “It simply requires that we ask in humility for the Spirit to show us what God would have us say and do, do it, and continue to live worthy of that gift.”