Emmilie Whitlock, an adjunct professor in the Communication Department, joined staff only two years after her graduation at BYU-Idaho.

“I nearly threw up on my first day teaching when the first student walked in,” Whitlock said.

Whitlock said even though she was nervous, she knew that her rich experiences during college and her time working for newspapers like Deseret News and the Standard Journal would help her students become better writers as well.

An adjunct professor is a part-time professor, teaching up to 21 credits a year, Whitlock said.

Whitlock said one benefit of being a younger professor is that her husband is still currently taking classes at BYU-I.

“I wasn’t a student that long ago, but I’ll maybe share ideas with him about what I want to do for different things in my classes and he says, ‘Well from a student’s perspective that is horrible’ or ‘From a student’s perspective, that is great,’” Whitlock said. “So it is really good to use him as kind of a springboard for how I can be the most relatable to my students.”

Although she has not been teaching long, she has a great passion for it, Whitlock said.

“I love teaching,” Whitlock said. “I love working with students, and I love explaining the material that I am so passionate about.”

Along with teaching the Writing for Communication Careers class, Whitlock is an advisor for the Scroll, a columnist for the Standard Journal, a freelance writer and a blogger. This allows her to teach during the day and write at night. Being a young mom, this schedule allows her to still tend to her baby.

Whitlock has been married to her husband Eric for two years. They have a daughter, Bellamy, who is 3 months old.