IAN YOUNG | Scroll Photography

IAN YOUNG | Scroll Photography

Sticks and Sones, a local bike shop, announces the new community recreational bike park being built in Rexburg will be coming in summer of 2015.

“It’s about 3 acres of property between the walking path and Teton River that’s just east of Cal Ranch,” said Joe Hill, co-owner and manager of Sticks and Stones, a local bike shop.

Hill said the park will cost $100,000 to $150,000, and a large amount of the cost will come from putting in a waterline to hydrate the dirt.

Hill said he hopes the park will hopefully allow bikers to ride more often.

Hill said he feels the new bike park is one of the most exciting things that will happen in the community, and he is happy to be a part of it.

Hill said the benefits of the bike park include healthy living, having a fun place to go on a nice day and improving bike skills for bikers in a family-friendly environment.

Keith Davidson, a city engineer for Rexburg, said the project started fall of 2014.

“Hopefully, we are able to start moving some dirt here in the next month or two,” Davidson said.

On the Sticks and Stones Facebook page, they asked community members for suggestions of what they would like to see in the park.

Donna Benfield, a member of the Rexurg City Council and the Executive Director of the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce, said the idea and concept of the bike park has been in the works for the last year and a half.

The bike park project was proposed and approved in January of 2014, according to the Rexburg City Council minutes.

At a Rexburg City Council meeting in March 2014, the bike park received its first grant of $5,000.

“The city has allowed for the ground to be used for the bike park, but we are looking for grants to fund the construction,” Davidson said.

Benfield said the city started to clear out the land for the bike park in September of 2014.

She said that there are a couple things stopping the completion of the bike park, which include waiting for good weather and waiting for more grants.

Benfield said that this park will be a great asset to the city of Rexburg.

“This bike park will not only benefit the residents of Rexburg but also visitors on their way to Yellowstone,” Benfield said. “It will be a great thing for families who need to let their kids out of the car and have some fun.”

Hill said teenagers, kids and young adults will get some pump tracks and dirt jumps. There is also going to be a cross-country mountain bike path with options for obstacles and skilled courses.

Hill said he hopes the bike park will improve and promote healthy living and healthy recreation for the people in the community.

“People want to ride, and they don’t want to have to travel to go ride,” Hill said.

Becca Busath, a junior studying elementary education, said that this would add to the activities available in Rexburg.

“This bike park would help Rexburg because it means there would be one more thing to do in Rexburg, which is good,” Busath said. “It will be a great addition.”