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Keeping the Sabbath day holy is a major concept and standard within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Twenty years ago, Eli Herring, former BYU offensive tackle, rejected a $1.5 million NFL contract to avoid playing on Sundays.

According to a post from LDS Living, Herring is usually reluctant to do interviews. However, when asked, he shares his religious convictions that led him to turn down his million-dollar offer.

“I believed that the Lord would bless me and keep promises that I have learned about as I have studied the scriptures and listened to the prophets,” Herring said. “Now I know that. After 20 years, He’s kept his promises abundantly. I’m very grateful, and I’m glad I made that decision.”

Herring is not the only prominent member of the LDS Church who does not regret giving up a previous lifestyle.

Glenn Beck, American television personality and radio host, stated in his conversion story on LDS Living that after overcoming years of drug and alcohol addiction, he was ready to get his life together. He and his family found the Church.

“The great thing about the gospel is that we know the end of the story,” Beck said. “My perspective has totally changed.”

Recording artist and songwriter Gladys Knight is also a convert to the Church.

“We have to stop judging what others look like,” Knight said. “The more you get into the gospel, the more you can get rid of that. Now it’s time for people of color to come to His church. It’s just our time.”

Since becoming a Latter-day Saint, Knight has boldly shared her beliefs, despite being met with some surprise and skepticism from the black community.

These three prominent members of the Church show that, why keeping the Sabbath day holy might be difficult at times, it is worth it in the end because of how the Lord has blessed them.