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Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Susan Bednar, held a live, worldwide Q&A for the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints May 12.

Youth around the world were able to submit questions of any sort over social media using the hashtag #ldsfacetoface.

Sister Bednar said the same oppositions that members face today have been around since the time of the Old Testament and they can liken the scriptures unto themselves.

She encouraged youth to turn to the scriptures for guidance.

Sister Bednar said President Gordon B. Hinckley once counseled members to have faith. Faith in the Lord, faith in themselves and faith in the future.

“The world is full of moral pollution but we can survive with faith,” Sister Bednar said.

Elder and Sister Bednar also talked about love and relationships.

Sister Bednar spoke about how she met her husband in a home evening group as students at BYU.

She said she and Elder Bednar did not fall in love at first sight and she encouraged youth not to just go on one date and immediately decide that person is not the one.

She happily announced that she and Elder Bednar celebrated their 40-year anniversary 6 weeks ago and are more in love today than ever.

Elder Bednar said the word “love” is both a verb and a noun.

“The feeling follows love, the verb,” Elder Bednar said. “Sometimes we think we have to have the feeling, the noun, before we have the verb, but the feeling follows love, the verb.”

He said instead of wanting so badly to find the one, the true and the only, people have to become the one, the true, and the only through what they do.

He said that people create love, they don’t find it.

Elder Bednar also spoke about missionary work and living the Gospel.

He said, when he was young and attending school in California where there were not many members of the Church, the kids at his school called him stupid for not doing immoral things, which were popular.

He counseled that people are going to ask members why they live the gospel.

Elder Bednar said members don’t have to push the gospel onto people, but rather just live it and as they live it, people will be curious and ask why they are living that way.

He said as members live righteously and questions arise in others, it provides an opportunity to assist them in learning why members of the Church are the way they are.

“Living according to His plan is what brings real joy and lasting happiness,” Elder Bednar said.

Sister Bednar said to pray for missionary opportunities.

“Then have the courage to act on it,” Sister Bednar said.

Sister Bednar addressed young women about self-confidence. She said to remember the Young Women Values, divine nature and individual worth.

“If you understand who you are as a daughter of God, then you know that you are of worth to Him, that you do have individual worth,” Sister Bednar said.

Elder and Sister Bednar both referenced the scriptures many times and reiterated the importance of listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

“If we live the gospel, then we are strange in a very good way,” Elder Bednar said.