May the 4th was felt today at BYU-Idaho as R2D2 made an appearance in the Manwaring Center.

Students flocked to the creator of the full-sized static R2D2, Luke Bradshaw, a junior studying health science.

Bradshaw said he has made other similar items, including an Ironman suit, a war machine and other suits for cosplay.

Bradshaw said he saw an ad requesting a smaller R2D2. He said a girl made a bet with him that he could not make a full-sized R2D2.

Bradshaw said his R2D2 can be moved around on wheels and makes as many sounds as he can find. He said his R2D2 has a projector inside of his dome and can play movies through the holoprojector.

It took mat board, aluminum, plastic and some mystical Jedi technology, as well as $300 to create this full-scale R2D2, Bradshaw said.

R2 is in the MC today, but Bradshaw said he has work at the Reading Center, located on the second floor of the David O. McKay Library, and he will be there this afternoon with R2.