Slide the City is bringing a slip and slide longer than 1,000 feet to Rexburg on Saturday, June 25.

Slide the City’s main attraction, the record-breaking waterslide, will go down 7th Street, according to the Slide the City website. The event will begin at 9 a.m. and will also include live music, vendors and other entertainment.

Taybree Mortensen, a freshman majoring in general studies, said that she went to Slide the City last year and really enjoyed it.

“I plan on doing it again,” Mortensen said. “I’m actually going to try and see if I can volunteer this year.”

Mortensen said that she would highly recommend it to anyone else that is interested.

“Who doesn’t love a giant slip and slide?” Mortensen said.

The slip and slide used for the event is made of inflatable vinyl, according to the Slide the City website. All participants must go down the slide on an inflatable tube. Tubes and mouth guards are given to participants after tickets have been bought.

The slide has three different lanes. One lane is for single riders and another is for families. In the family lane parents can go down at the same time as their children, while holding on to each other’s tubes. The third lane is the party lane, according to the Slide the City website.

Slide the City holds the Guinness World Record for longest distance traveled in one hour. The record was achieved in Fort Worth, Texas, when 1,486 rides were completed to reach a collective 2,541,060 feet, according to the Guinness World Records website.

One of Slide the City’s missions is to raise awareness of water conservation, according to the Slide the City website. The slide is designed to minimize water usage by recirculating the water during the day. After each event, the water is given back to the community to be recycled through city parks, treatment plants or other means. About 7,000 to 12,000 gallons of water are used each day.