Recycling center employs students to sort recyclables. The recycling center management plans to employ to 80 students as it expands. BREANNA ALLEN | Scroll Photography

Bales of tin cans sit outside the BYU-I Recycling Center ready to be shipped. The BYU-I Recycling Center sorts .4 tons of tin each week. BREANNA ALLEN | Scroll Photography

The Recycling Center processes about 10 tons of material each week. The amount of each material listed above is in tons.

The BYU-Idaho Recycling Center is having an open house on Oct. 18 from 4 to 6 p.m.
The open house is for students and faculty and is intended to inform them about the campus recycling program. It will begin with a small meeting followed by tours of the facility guided by the interns who work there.
The facility will be fully functional during the tour and visitors will see the recycling in action. The center currently processes two to three tons of recycling per week.
Ryan Anderson, a senior studying business management, works as a marketing intern for the BYU-I Recycling Center and commented on the open house.
“You can come and go when you like, the interns will be giving tours of the facility, explaining what people are doing. The center during that time will be running so, you’ll be able to see the sorters sorting the materials and also see how the whole thing operates. We’ll also have small refreshments and things that they can have as well,” Anderson said.
The open house is part of the partnership between the BYU-I Recycling Center and the city of Rexburg. The partnership was formed in February and has helped in the growth of the BYU-I Recycling Center.
The center plans to expand in the coming months.
The center employs 27 students and four interns and plans to expand to 80 students by July 2013.
Students interested in internships or employment may contact the general manager at
The BYU-I Recycling Center services 2,000 houses and plans to expand to 6,000, serving the entire city of Rexburg.
According to their website, “The BYU-Idaho Recycling Center opened in 2010. In early 2012, expansion of the center was planned and operating hours extended to recycle more of our school and community recyclables. BYU-Idaho Recycling is committed to recycle more of our waste stream and provide more job opportunities for students.”
The BYU-I recycling center is at Firist West and Fifth South, across the street from the campus physical plant next to the Mark Austin building.