On Friday, an accident occurred at the intersection on Second East and Seventh South, in which a car was flipped on its side after being T-boned by a van.

Scott Pulsipher, a junior majoring in general studies, said he saw the accident happen. He said he remembers seeing a silver car roll onto its side and people going to check on the driver.

“I eventually went over and saw if the older guy in the green van was fine, and he was, which is kind of amazing,” Pulsipher said.

Sgt. Hagen, of the Rexburg Police Department, said nobody was hurt.

In total, 320 accidents have taken place in Rexburg between January 3 and May 26, according to the Rexburg Police Department.

“We got a unique situation here because of BYU-Idaho,” said Capt. Randy Lewis, of the Rexburg Police Department.

He said that because the university receives students from all over the world, a lot of them are not aware of the rules of the road in the state of Idaho.

Pulsipher said he thinks drivers do not pay enough attention to how their actions affect other drivers on the road.

“I feel like we’re pretty aware of when we’re in danger but not as aware when we are endangering other people by not paying as much attention,” Pulsipher said.

Lewis said he feels like drivers’ inattention is the leading cause in most accidents in Rexburg.

“One of our biggest issues is a roundabout,” Lewis said. “A lot of them don’t understand a roundabout. They don’t look at the signs giving them direction, or they’ll come up to it and stop, thinking they have to stop, which causes rear-end collisions.”

Lewis said he feels like the crosswalk at the roundabout is a dangerous crosswalk.

John Thomas, a senior majoring in marriage and family studies, said the areas around crosswalks can be dangerous.

“I think that the worst spot to drive around is crosswalks,” Thomas said. “I have seen a lot of people who are crossing that think that just because they have the right-of-way, they do not have to look both ways or take off their earphones. I think that if people would just pay more attention when they are crossing or driving, that could avoid a lot of accidents.”

The Rexburg City Council recently voted to form a committee for traffic policy-making around the Pinehaven neighborhood.

Jordan Busby, City Council member, was the first member of the council to agree to a committee and said the number one priority should not be about policy making but about the safety of  the residents.

Patrick Bjornn, the spokesperson of the Pinehaven neighborhood, spoke to the city council and addressed the concerns that the neighborhood is having about traffic safety around their neighborhood.

Christopher Mann, City Council member, said there has to be a permanent solution to help ensure the safety of the neighborhoods and help prevent more accidents.

“I do not care how many speed bumps it takes to keep us safe; we need something that is permanent that does slow down the cars in these residential areas,” Mann said.

Lewis said though speed bumps do help reduce speed among drivers, they are somewhat impractical for Rexburg’s conditions. He said that during the winter, road conditions could not be effectively managed if speed bumps lined the streets.

“We’re trying to fix a problem,” he said. “People need to be held responsible for their actions. They need to slow down. That’s them. We can’t, as a government, or even as a community, change people’s behavior just by putting in the speed bump. They shouldn’t be driving if they can’t keep it down.”