As the weather begins to warm up in Rexburg, students attending BYU-Idaho are reminded to adhere to the outlined standards and guidelines laid out in the University Dress and Grooming Standards.

“Flip-flops and other casual footwear are inappropriate on campus,” according to university standards. “Shorts are not appropriate campus attire.”

Elder Robert D. Hales said in the August 2008 Ensign that in the rising generations, people are becoming relaxed and lazy when it comes to maintaining clean, modest apparel.

“It is apparent to us that the world is becoming increasingly casual and informal,” Elder Hales said. “This is manifested in many ways but particularly in the way people dress.”

The dress and grooming standards are in effect at BYU-I in order for students and faculty to create an environment that is professional and wholesome in which the Holy Ghost can be present, according to the CES Honor Code.

“When you are in class, you feel more professional when you are wearing modest clothing,” said Joshua Porter, a freshman studying sociology. “It definitely improves the quality of class.”

Porter said the standards of dress and grooming at BYU-I help to create an atmosphere of professionalism and formality.

Logan Bray, a freshman studying biology, said the dress code keeps students focused on their objectives, like getting an education, and that he does not see it as an invasion of his rights.

“You can wear your flip flops and shorts off campus, so it is not like they’re completely restraining you,” Bray said. “So I think it is pretty fair.”

Melody Root, a freshman studying art, said even though she is not a member of the Church, she appreciates the standards that are upheld at BYU-I.

“I don’t feel judged when I don’t dress in the same style as the world,” Root said. “It makes me remember that my body is not something to be displayed for everyone, but that it is something special. The dress code holds me to a standard, and I think this standard is reflected in the attitudes of the students here.”

Porter said he does not understand some aspects of the dress and grooming standards, such as why shorts are not allowed, but he is still willing to maintain the standards of the school.

“It can be inconvenient when it gets warmer and you want to wear shorts, but I signed up to come to this school, so I’m not going to argue with it,” Porter said.

Bray said he maintains the standards in order to be honorable and to keep his word.

“You signed up for the school, which means you signed up for the dress code,” Bray said. “By honoring your promises, you’re keeping the Spirit with you. If you do what you promised to do, the Lord will provide, and He promises to help you in all aspects of your life.”

Elder Hales said that as we keep the standards of dress and appearance set forth for us by our Heavenly Father, we are showing respect and reverance to our Father in Heaven.

“Dressing modestly will guide our attitudes and behavior as we conduct our daily lives,” Elder Hales said.