Students in the Integrated Business Core apply business skills through Rep T business.

Rep T is an IBC group that sells personalized merchandise with imprints of any state or country with “home” and “served” on them. Students can buy their shirts there or bring their own to have printed on, said Rep T CEO Jake Firl, a senior studying Business Finance.

At the beginning of each semester, members of the IBC class split into groups and brainstorm business ideas, Firl said Each person the group rotate through leadership positions to gain diverse experience

“I have a minor in chemistry and biology, so I do a lot of book stuff that I don’t get to apply,” Firl said. “With IBC, you actually go out, you try different things, you set your own prices based on surveys so it is more of the application.”

Firl said that business students participate in IBC groups a year before they graduate, giving them a taste of real-world business experience before they go out and get jobs in business.

Rep T sells on average twelve shirts a day, steadily increasing week by week, Firl said. As of Nov. 6, they had sold 220 shirts since the beginning of the semester.

Rep T’s are $15.99 on average, and they are experimenting with hoodies, Firl said. With the holiday season coming up, they are offering a buy one get one 50 percent off promotion.

The Rep T Booth is located in various parts of the MC on the second floor, usually by the ballrooms or the lost and found desk. They are open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. until 3 p.m., according to the IBC Company description Web page.