The Madison County Courthouse, located on Main Street in Rexburg, will be the meeting place of the Madison County Republicans Oct. 10. The meeting will include a speaker from Women for Decency. EMMA STARNES | Scroll Photography

Madison County Republicans (MCR) will be holding a meeting at 8 p.m., Oct. 10 at the County Courthouse in the County Commissioners room to which all students are welcome. Preceding this, a presentation will be given by a Utah speaker who will be speaking on behalf of Women for Decency.
According to MCR Chair Elaine K. King, the goal of this meeting will
be to present resignations, vote on a new officer, and vote on money to spend for the gro’s General Election ad in the newspaper and give information about registered Republicans in other precincts.
Members of the College Republicans gro will also be in attendance.
“It’s all about the coming election and what we need to know and do,” King said.
Several precincts in the area are under student leadership.  These
include Rexburg Hill, Unversity 13
and 12.
“Our goal is to help inform voters about voting and when to vote and the process and get them involved and out to vote,” King said. “We want people to become informed voters.”
According to King, only 33 percent of Republican registered voters in Madison County come out in any given election year.
As of April there were 4,541 registered Republican voters. By election day in May 2012, declared Republican voters numbered 7,800, an increase of 17 percent.
“It’s a big election year,” King said. “I think people are more politically involved.”
The meeting will also be an opportunity to ask questions about voting registration in Madison County.
According to, stipulations for potential registering voters include a need for some form of identification, such as a valid Idaho state drivers license or a Social Security card and proof of having lived in Idaho for at least 30 days.