Located on the east wing of the second floor of the David O. McKay Library, the Tutoring Center helps students with homework and courses they are struggling with.

Students who desire help beyond their regular classroom instruction. Individual, group or walk-in sessions are available.

“Every year at BYU-Idaho, the Academic Support Centers serve over 12,000 different students from all parts of the university’s campus,” according to the Tutoring Center Web page. “These students spend an average of 12 hours per semester with individual tutors.”

According to the Web page, the Academic Support Centers are designed to supplement classroom instruction and help students practice, sharpen and master essential college skills.

“Students who come to the academic centers begin to understand the difference one-on-one and group tutoring can make in their academic lives through their close contact with peer tutors,” according to the Tutoring Center Web page. “This one-on-one teaching and learning experience is part of the core essence of the Spirit of Ricks.”

Ganesha Toranzo, a freshman studying political science, said she liked the Tutoring Center.

“I went to the Tutoring Center because I was struggling with the first few chapters in my French class,” Toranzo said.

Toranzo said she was impressed with how the tutor answered her questions, she was not intimidated by the tutor and she felt comfortable.

“My tutor was friendly and she didn’t mind that I was asking so many questions,” Toranzo said.

Toranzo said she found the Tutoring Center to be helpful and said she wants to go back when she needs help on her assignments.

Ricard Alejandre, a senior studying accounting, is a tutor at the Tutoring Center.

Alejandre said this is his first semester being a student tutor.

“When tutoring students, my main responsibility is to help them be self-reliant,” Alejandre said. “I help students develop study skills so they can learn themselves and be productive in their learning.”

Alejandre said the Tutoring Center is a great tool for students who are struggling in a class.

“Being a tutor means I am helping the student understand their work,” Alejandre said. “My job is to help lift students up and help them realize that they can one day do the homework themselves.”

Alejandre said the Tutoring Center is a way for students to learn communication skills. When students come to the Tutoring Center, they have to verbally communicate what the problem is.

“Each and every one of us needs help in our lives,” Alejandre said. “Coming to the Tutoring Center allows each student to grow and learn for themselves.”

Alejandre said that whether students come in for help on their homework, review for a test or want to check their assignment, the tutors are there to help.

“We are not going to do the work for them,” Alejandre said.”We are simply there to help guide them.Tutors are not magicians. We cannot pull rabbits out of our hats, but we will try our best to help students.”

Alex Brinkley, a senior studying exercise physiology, said he goes to the Tutoring Center often. He goes so he can understand the material and be more prepared for my tests.

“I first went to the Tutoring Center because I was struggling with my homework assignments,” Brinkley said. “It would take me hours to complete my homework and I would get so frustrated.”

Brinkley said that before he takes a test, he always goes to the Tutoring Center to get assistance and to review the problems that might be on the test.

“I always feel more confident when I meet with a tutor and I find myself there on a regular occasion,” Brinkley said.

Tutoring is free for BYU-I students, according to the Tutoring Center Web page. The tutors and assistants in each of the Learning Centers are trained and paid by BYU-I. Because of this, all students have equal access and can be confident they will receive qualified, professional help in a relaxed atmosphere, according to the Web page.

Whether students want to improve their academic reading skills, revise an essay, get help with a specific class, advance their study skills or ask a math question, they can get the help they need in the Academic Support Centers, according to the Tutoring Center Web page.

Students can visit byui.edu/academic-support-centers/tutoring-center where they have access to information about the Tutoring Center and also request a tutor, according to the Tutoring Center Web page.