It is spring semester, and summer session is just around the corner. Here is a list of warm-weather adventures for BYU-Idaho students, provided by Randy and Rene Turnbow, a couple that has resided in the surrounding area for more than 20 years.

1. Johnny Sack’s Cabin (1 hour) – Located just outside of Yellowstone, this cabin is known for its picturesque location.

2. Wind Caves (1 hour 30 minutes) — This is about a 5-mile hike leading to an incredible waterfall shooting out of a giant cave.

3. Civil Defense Caves/Ice caves (50 minutes) – These are lava tubes that have created large caverns and small caves.

4. Sand Dunes (20 minutes)

5. Warm Slough (20 minutes)

6. Beaver Dick Park (10 minutes)

7. Cress Creek (30 minutes)      

8. “R” Mountain, or North Menan Butte (30 minutes)

9. Craters of the Moon (3 hours 20 minutes) – These are miles of lava flow that look like something from Mars.

10. Inspiration Point (2 hours 30 minutes) – There is a fee to get into the park, but once in, there are numerous trails and hikes to take.

11. Mesa Falls (1 hour)

12. Warm River Trails (1hour)

13. Cathedral Hike (2 hours 30 minutes) — There is a plane crash site     located along the hike.

14. Medicine Lodge (1 hour 30 minutes)

15. Continental Divide (2 hours) — “There are signs up there that says Montana on one side and Idaho on the other, and it’ll tell you the elevation,” Rene Turnbow said.

16. Aldous Lake (1 hour 30 minutes) — “You have to stop at the old store,” Randy Turnbow said. “Look around and get ice cream.

17. Tetonia/Driggs Valley (1 hour) – “Take any road you want and most of them will end in a trail head up to the mountain,” Rene Turnbow said. “There is also a bike trail there that goes all the way up through Victor. So, if you like biking, roller blading or skate boarding, then you’ll love it.”

18. Bechler Falls (2 hours) – “This is in Yellowstone, but you don’t have to pay to get in,” Rene Turnbow said. “It’s a super easy hike.”

19. Table Rock (1 hour) – The hike takes all day. Be preparedwith water.

20. Teton Dam (30 minutes) – “Go see the dam along with the museum that’s there,” Rene Turnbow said.

With a car, or a friend with a car, there are many options for spring and summer activities near Rexburg. “Some people think that Rexburg is an abysmal waste land, but it’s actually not,” said Jesse Merkley,  a junior studying economics. “Most people just think it’s terrible because they don’t have the guts to go out and look for the great things that Idaho has to offer.”