Married students will have the opportunity to attend an overnight retreat Nov. 13-14 at Badger Creek.

Megan Wirth, the student director for the event and a senior studying recreation management, said the first 10 couples to sign up for the event will stay in a cabin and enjoy outdoor adventures for the weekend with their spouses and the Outdoor Learning Center counselors and faculty advisors.

Wirth said the event started a little over a year ago.

“A lot of the married students don’t think they can come to our events because they think they’re geared toward single students,” Wirth said.

Wirth said the event originated as a way to help bring the married population of the campus to an activity designed for them.

Wirth said the Badger Creek location is perfect for helping couples grow because it is away from campus and all the commotion.

“The purpose is to help married students to build their relationships in a natural setting,” Wirth said.

Katie Dirks, a sophomore studying agribusiness, plant and animal sciences, said there is always a devotional speaker at the event to help enhance the effect of the retreat.

Dirks said this semester’s devotional speaker is Steve Kugath, a professor in the Health, Recreation and Human Performance Department, who spoke at the last retreat. Dirks said Kugath was well-liked by the students in attendance.

Wirth said each event has a different theme as the focus for the event; this semester’s theme is communication.

Wirth said the student councils from the OLC collaborate to develop a goal for each event.

“We hope it’s not just going for the zip line, but that they have a deeper experience,” Wirth said.

Wirth said the event will have many outdoor activities that force the couples to communicate on a higher level, work as a team and face their fears together. She said courses like the giant ladder are nearly impossible to do alone.

“You have to have two people to get to the top,” Wirth said.

Wirth said many students come and have their expectations exceeded because the event has a deeper goal in mind than just to have fun.

“The OLC is a place where any group — classrooms, wards, stakes, departments, families, FHE groups, faculty, students or community organizations — can come and have a transformative learning experience tailored to the need and wants of the group,” said Brian Ashton, according to the 2013 article. “Badger Creek Is More Than a Campground” found on

Some changes brought about at the OLC are dramatic while others are more understated, but each of these changes are equally significant, according to the article.

Purchase tickets from the BYU-I ticket office in the Spencer W. Kimball Building or online at