BYU-Idaho is having a special Returned Missionary Retreat Nov. 7 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Off-Campus Learning Center Ropes course.

  Megan Wirth, the director of events at the Off-Campus Learning Center and senior studying recreation management, said the event is meant to give returned missionaries the opportunity to bond while performing on the ropes course. The event also gives returned missionaries the chance to share their experiences with each other.

Wirth said there will be a special devotional to help returned missionaries learn how to transition from mission, to home or school and marriage.

Following which, there will be lunch and transportation provided for the departure from the OLC.

“Students can talk to other students about their missions and how it impacted them,” Wirth said. “We hope that it is a very spiritual experience where students can not only meet new people, but gain a stronger testimony as well.”

The transition between mission and ordinary life can be very trying, said Becca Huber, a returned missionary and senior studying health science. She said the retreat would be a good opportunity to relate to other returned missionaries.

“It’s to provide support and help people remember their missions,” Huber said. “It’s to kind of bring back that mission spirit, like how you felt when you were on your mission.”

This event will allow returned missionaries the chance to be a support system for each other, said Cooper Hoeft, a returned missionary and a sophomore studying fine arts.

Siobhan Olfert, a sophomore studying history, said some returned missionaries struggle to find a way to express themselves, and this event will provide them the opportunity to do just that.

“All missionaries say they want an RMTC, a return MTC, where they can just get back into the kick of things,” Olfert said.

She said she feels that this event would help with that.

Returned missionaries can purchase their tickets for the retreat at the Ticket Office for $8.