KATY BURTON  | Scroll Photography

KATY BURTON | Scroll Photography

A little over two years have passed since President Thomas S. Monson made the announcement of the age change for prospective missionaries.

Paul Sessions, a freshman studying biology, said that because of the large increase in returned sister missionaries, Latter-day Saint women in general have raised their standards and changed quite a bit when it comes to dating.

“It seems like it’s hard to find returned sister missionaries that are completely single,” said Sean Shiner, a freshman studying human biology.

Edward Castaneda, a junior studying business, said returned sisters are generally more spiritual than girls that have not served a mission.

“I’m guessing that every guy will either demand a girl that’s spiritually ready to get married or someone that served a mission,” Sessions said. “So it could be someone that didn’t serve, but is spiritually ready.”

Castaneda said he is currently dating a girl who didn’t serve a mission and said he does not feel that all girls need to.

“I would have to say that the title of RM doesn’t necessarily mean that you are better than anyone else,” said Heidi Flansberg a returned missionary and a senior studying biology. “I have known many girls who have chosen to not serve missions who are just as close if not closer — to the spirit than sisters who have served.

Castaneda said he thinks returned sister missionaries learn a specific set of skills from having to talk to people and live with a companion all the time.

“I think that to limit your options in the dating scene just by dating RMs doesn’t allow you to get to know more people,” said Flansberg.