HAYLEY LUCAS | Scroll Photography

HAYLEY LUCAS | Scroll Photography

The second speaker of the 185th Annual General Conference Sunday morning session was Rosemary M. Wixon, the Primary General President of the church.

Sister Wixon told a story about a young mother who had questions about the church. The young mother kept the commandments, was sealed in the temple and had beautiful children.

As this mother’s question grew stronger, so did her answers. Sometimes she received no answers and she began to question the foundations of her faith.

This woman began to ask herself what she truly believed and as a result, she became less active.

The woman then started reading the writings of Mother Tereasa who has shared similar feelings to her.

She read “Please pray specially for me that I may not spoil His work and that Our Lord may show Himself- for there is such terrible darkness within me, as is everything was.”

The woman thought if Mother Teresa can live her religion without all the answers and without a feeling of clarity in all things, so could she.

As the woman reflected back, she said her testimony had become like a pile of ashes. She said it had been burned down.

She then began to regain her faith and her first step was to start with basic gospel principles.

She began to realize that she wants her children to have the gospel and to have temple marriages someday.

This woman’s story is a testament that we sometimes have to have our own doubts, our own life-experiences that wind up strengthening our testimonies and clarifying our beliefs.

No matter how far we stray spiritually, we can always come back.