On Tuesday Nov. 3, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) lifted the water advisory, which was issued on Friday. 
The advisory was placed because of high counts of coliform bacteria were found that were above food-code levels during routine tests, said City Attorney Stephen Zollinger. 
This advisory required that food establishments “provide safe, potable water for drinking, food preparation, warehousing and hand washing uses at all times,” according to Eastern Idaho Public Health. 
Citizens were told not to be concerned and would not need to boil their water unless they were pregnant, elderly or infants or may have compromised immune systems, according to DEQ
Eleven samples were taken following initial routine tests that came back slightly above approved levels for coliform bacteria, according to the Rexburg Standard Journal. 
All the samples that were taken in the follow-up tests have come back clean, according the Department of Environmental Quality. 
“Food establishments may commence normal practices and usage of water,” according to the Eastern Idaho Public Health. 
A letter was released by the Environmental Health Director Kellye Eager, which stated that the Department of Environmental Quality had announced that the water quality samples from the City of Rexburg have been reported to be clear of contamination.