Beloved crossing guard Kathy Striffler tragically died last week. A local McDonald’s is hosting a fundraiser. It started at 7 a.m. and will last until midnight.
“We are trying to raise money for her family to help them for the future and whatever expenses they feel they can use the money for,” said Trent Cichos, the owner of the local Mcdonald’s restaurant.

Cichos and his wife were close friends with Striffler and felt that the fundraiser would help the family those in the community who grieve for her.

“My wife said, ‘You know what, let’s do something similar to a Mcteacher night,’” Cichos said. “And so we decided that, you know what, let’s just instead of giving a portion let’s just give 100 percent of our sales for all day today.”

Cars were lined up and parked all over the road near McDonald’s and on the grass.



Tony Penn, a crew trainer at McDonald’s, was outside greeting customers and giving menus to those waiting in their cars to get to the drive through.

“You can see the community support,” Cichos said, “And I wish we could cook everything faster, but we’re doing as good as we can.”

Cichos said it was amazing to witness the amount of support the Stiffler family was receiving.

“It’s reaffirmed to me how great our community is and how we can rally around a great cause and a difficult situation that happened, and you know what, we’re making the best of it,” Cichos said.

Amanda Rybalch, a crew member at McDonald’s, said she knew the Striffler family. She recalled how Striffler worked at the school her family attended.

“She came in here every Sunday with her son and her husband,” Rybalch said. “And they always got refills every Sunday.”

Rybalch said they had raised $18,000 by 7 p.m.

Striffler’s bishop, Bishop Ed Kumferman of the Rexburg Fifth Ward was showing his support at McDonald’s today.

“Everyone knew them; everyone loved them,” Kumferman said. “She especially had such a sweet, sweetheart; they all did. She was definitely the glue that held that family together. She will be missed; she already is, by everyone.”

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