The Rexburg College Massage Therapy is a new service coming this December on Pioneer Road. Program Director Sandra Rodrigues gives insight.

“The Rexburg College Massage Therapy is another opportunity for people in this area to gain an education and an opportunity to have a great career,” said Rodrigues.

By September, the school expects to have 60 workers training in these classrooms with skills in message therapy. Co-Owners Brad Sponenburg and Shane Humphrey are happy with the latest results.

“It’s been a working progress of course, but its come together pretty quickly and were excited to see what it’s developed into,” said Sponenburg.

“They bring a lot of things to the table and we are excited to work with them and the students will be very lucky to have them here,” said Humphrey.

Students or locals interested in this position need knowledge from multiple services concerning health.

“We have a lot of experience within our staff so they’ve had a lot of training and they’ve worked in physical therapy places, chiropractic places,” said Sponenburg.

The message therapy college is also beneficial towards students getting careers in medicine.

‘They are thinking of going on to become physical therapists chiropractors, doctors, nurses, really anything in the health field,” said Rodrigues.

This December, after the workers are trained, the public can receive massages for twenty dollars an hour.