Two men are hoping to become the next mayor of Rexburg.

Christopher Mann–former employee of BYU-Idaho– and Jerry Merrill both serve on city council and both believe they should be the next leader for one of Idaho’s fastest growing cities.

This week Mann and Merrill agreed to participate in a debate sponsored by and hosted by Mark Richardson.

The candidates were each asked the following five questions and given 90 seconds to respond:

1. In Idaho at least eight cities have embraced a non-discrimination ordinance. Rexburg has not enacted one at this time. If you were mayor, would you work to have a non-discrimination ordinance regarding LGBT passed in Rexburg?

2. Economic Growth is vital to every city. What would you do to create an environment that would attract new business and good, high paying jobs to the city?

3. Brigham Young University – Idaho is an intricate part of the community. However, growth of the school, new apartments and parking are difficulties that need coordination with the city. What are your views with growth and community development?

4. As the city grows, new and improved services and programs are required. Are you willing to raise taxes to support these? If not, where would you find sufficient funding?

5. What qualities would make you the choice for Mayor?

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In addition to the Rexburg mayoral debate, is hosting three other debates involving candidates running for Rexburg City Council, Rigby City Council and Idaho Falls City Council.