Chamber of Commerce candidates for Rexburg’s Mayoral elections faced off in a debate Wednesday at the Romance Theater.

Jerry Merrill and Christopher Mann invited the city of Rexburg to a forum to answer questions regarding why they should be elected mayor and what they intend to do as mayor.

“If I did not believe I was the best candidate and the best prepared, I would not be a candidate,” Mann said.

Some of the issues talked about were economic growth in Rexburg, city development ordinances and non-discriminatory ordinances.

“As a city, we should talk with our partners and look at the big picture in order to see what we need to do to grow,” Mann said.

Both candidates talked about revisiting city ordinances and making adjustments.

“There are good reasons for developing in Rexburg being expensive, mainly to make those who will have the bigger impact on city systems like the sewer system pay for the upgrades instead of making full-time residents pay for it,” Merrill said while discussing whether or not the city development ordinance is too big, small or fine the way it is.

Neither candidate said much about non-discriminatory ordinances.

We should be kind, friendly and accepting of people as they are, but he does not want to cross that bridge at this time, Merrill said.

The candidates finished the debate talking about personal strengths and weaknesses.

Merrill said he believes he is blessed for the opportunity to listen to both sides of an issue.

“A tremendous amount of energy” is Mann’s example of a personal strength.

Next Wednesday, another debate will take place between city council mayoral candidates at 1 p.m. at the Romance Theater.