What better way to start October in Rexburg than running for your life from hoards of zombies? That’s what people at The Dealio asked themselves a year ago when developing a way to showcase businesses in Rexburg.

The result? A fast-paced obstacle course 5k race that has attracted many college students and families.

“We ended up having, just shy of, 500 runners that came. We both have runners that are running in the race and zombies that are chasing the runners,” said Curtis Spear, Account Manager at The Dealio. “It’s a family-friendly event. Even when there’s zombies chasing you and there’s obstacles, we make sure that its safe.”

Chelsea Call, a graphic designer for The Dealio, elaborated on the obstacles in the course, which give the race more of the thrilling “zombie” effect.

“For the survivors, there’s some good obstacles for them to go through. One of the really cool ones, is that the runners have to run through this old stable, super old, and abandoned. All the runners are funneling through and there’s zombies waiting at the other end. So it’s a great thrill for runners, and good fun for the zombies as well,” said Call.

In short, this is one of the best ways to kick off “Rextober”. With fast paced action. It’s a fun, thrilling race, perfect to start this haunting season. The race begins October 10 at 9 am at The Dealio office in Rexburg.

For more information and to register for the race, visit www.zombiechaserace.com.