Story by Garrett Elton

The Rexburg Stake Tabernacle is a venue that commonly hosts a variety of different shows and entertainment.

“Our goal is really to bring in the community from the students and also the local community, we have a variety of things we’re doing,” said Jackie Rawlins, the Rexburg Cultural Arts Director. “We’re just trying to open up our venues, both here at the Tabernacle and Romance theatre, to many more types of shows.”

Students and local community members come together to make these events possible.

“I’ve been working with Jarren Devine bringing in bands for the last year since I’ve been working here,” Rawlins said.

Jerren Devine, the event coordinator, has a history in booking bands.

“I’ve booked bands for quite a while, so I’ve done little rooftop shows, a plethora shows in the Romance Theatre and here in the Tabernacle,” said Jerren Devine, a sophomore studying communication.

An upcoming event came about because of Devine’s connections.

“It was just one of those things where a musician knows a musician knows a musician,” Devine said.

The event, coming up Friday, Oct. 7 will be “The National Parks” a band from Provo.

“The National Parks have been here before they really love the college town, they love the group of people here, we had it at — they’ve been at the romance theatre…They were at the tabernacle back here in February. and we had almost 700 people here,” Rawlins said.

Now that the National Parks are back again, they hope the turnout grows.

“The first time they came back we sold out the venue, capacity is a 1000 people, so I expect a 1000 people,” Devine said.