Story by Ashley Whaley

BYU-Idaho is home to over 10,000 single students. All of those students need places to live. Rexburg’s apartment complex needs have never been greater.

From older complexes being remodeled, brand new ones in their first few semesters and complexes that are currently being built, Rexburg has a variety of places for students to live.

Students choose to live at complexes for a number of different reasons.

“Things I really like about where I live is that the girls are really nice,” said Holly Butler, a junior majoring in marriage and family studies. “A lot of them seem to be really down to earth and the manager is great. I seem to go to bed on time because the others girls go to bed on time, so I like that.”

Location, price and amenities are just a few of the things students are looking for.

“I like that its close to campus,” said Brian Richardson, a senior studying exercise physiology.

Complexes are attempting to cater to the needs of the students at BYU-Idaho.

“We make sure that we are touching base with our residents, we go to their apartments, we found out how’s the semester going for you guys,” said Trent VanderSloot, the general manager of NorthPoint apartments. “What is it we can do to make it better? All of the complexes here in town have something to offer. I think we’ve all got our niche, and each one of them is important. We’ve got good relationships with the other complexes, we believe in having that.”