Rexburg’s Scare Tower is dedicated to being the best haunted house in Maddison County. 

“What we strive to do here is to get you involved in the haunt,” said Anthon Kinikin, owner of the Scare Tower. “So if you’ve never been to a haunted house, well it’s going to be an experience. But you have to problem solve to get out of a certain rooms.  Last year we had people problem solve to get out of the kitchen, and you had to go through the refrigerator to get out.  We really try to get them involved instead of just spectating, walking through a scene as something else happens.”

The way they get their audience involved is what sets the Scare Tower apart from its competitors. 

“There’s a story in the Scare Tower that you can see. It’s not like the other haunted houses that you just get scared, this one has a story,”said Isaac Moras, the actor for Kraven.

Part of that story, involves Moras character, a scientist named Kraven, whose character plays a central role to the Scare Tower.

“The main character Kraven, he’s this scientist, and he just want’s a way to perfect people and so you see different family members through out the whole Scare Tower, and you see them with different looks and faces and stuff,” said Amy Singh, the actor for the Kraven’s daughter. “For me specifically, obviously I have these equations and things on my face. I am Daddy’s little girl and I absolutely love him and I want to do anything to help him out and so in doing that, I’m practically his notepad.”

But, there is more to the Scare Tower than just a creepy house. 

“We also have other things that are more family friendly on the outside. We have the train ride, we have a longer, much much longer Straw Maze out there. We also put swings out for kids to play, a giant straw pyramid that you can see all the way in South Rexburg, and the campus and everything. We try to make it more entertaining this year,” said Kinikin.

The Scare Tower is open Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 7pm to 11 pm and Friday’s and Saturday’s from 7pm to midnight.  The Straw Maze is open weekdays from 4pm to 11 pm and 4pm to midnight on weekends.