The end of the world didn’t come in 2012, but a zombie apocalypse hit Rexburg October 10, 2015.

Gary Benson hosted the sixth annual Zombie Walk where community members could come and walk around Rexburg dressed as Zombies.

Many students came and were “Zombified” by students who have taken the stage make-up class at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

Although they were instructed not to touch anyone who wasn’t a participant, students like Kirsten Rast, a theatre performance major at BYU-Idaho, still enjoyed being a part of it.

“I’m really excited to act dead and just freak some people out,” said Rast.

The route went from the Scare Tower to the Romance Theatre on Main Street. Of course these Zombies could not resist the temptation to stop at the Plasma Center to look at the choice “specimen”.

At the end of the route there was a block party with a local band, food vendors, professional photographer, a costume contest, and a Nerf gun battle. Although this party seemed to be nothing but fun, there was a method to Gary Benson’s madness connecting the Zombie Walk to the Romance Theatre.

“I saw that cities all over the world were doing Zombie Walks and it looked like so much fun and I told some students, I said, ‘hey we outta do that here.’ And they said, ‘Ya we outta do that.’ And I was a member of the Romance Theatre Restoration committee and I thought we could couple the Zombie Walk with the Romance so that we get people used to coming into this theatre to see what we’re doing with the Restoration,” said Benson.

In the flood of 1976 the Romance Theatre and all surrounding Rexburg was destroyed. It wasn’t until 2005 that the Romance Theatre was restored its name by the City of Rexburg. Since then community members have been working on restoring this beautiful building to it’s 1930 art decorative style.

While the restoring is still taking place the Romance Theatre is still available for rentals, productions, and even movie screenings.

After a full day of scares the Zombies took a break and ended with a showing of World War Z, an infamous zombie movie, in the theatre.