Rhythmic Circus will be making hearts pound when they make their way to BYU-Idaho on Friday, Feb. 17.

The group of dynamic dancers came together in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2007, but the original troupe’s core members have been choreographing and performing together since 2000, according to the company’s website. Since their start, they have grown into an international sensation, touring {{to}} over 100 cities worldwide.

Ricci Milan, the artistic director for Rhythmic Circus, said the company’s mission, “feet don’t fail me now,” was created to inspire others to be unique, inspired and ¬†unafraid to make a difference.

“Everyone is creative,” Milan said. “We want everyone to know that they have creative potential and they can make a difference.”

Milan said he wants to leave his audience members with energy and he wants them to dance.

Chaz Egnew, a sophomore studying communication, said he’s looking forward to seeing how the company blends tap dance with rock music.

“I’m excited to see all the cool, crazy rhythms they’re going to do,” Egnew said. “It’ll be super cool seeing the dancers with the live band. Tap (dance) is super cool to watch and it’s fun to listen to.”

Egnew said he has been taking dance lessons for a few years now, but he has loved dancing since he was a kid.

“I hope (Rhythmic Circus) will give me some ideas to improve my tap technique, and I hope to be inspired and to have a good time,” Egnew said.

Milan said Rhythmic Circus will be releasing several new music videos on their Facebook page.

He said one song he looks forward to sharing is called “Timeless,” which was inspired by the birth of his first son, Leonardo.

Audiences will be able to enjoy “Timeless” at the performance, which will be held in the John W. Hart Auditorium from 7:30¬†– 9 p.m.

“Put on that superhero cape,” Milan said. “Maximize your potential and spread positive vibes.”