The Ririe Woodbury Dance Company of Contemporary Dance will perform at BYU-Idaho March 24.

“Hopefully they will see dance as an opportunity to shed light on something that is personal or universal or see things in a different way or feel things a certain way,” said Doug Charon, the Artistic director of the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company.

Prior to working for the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Charon said he worked for about 20 years in New York City as a professional dancer and teacher.

After New York, Charon said he got an MSA in Choreography.

“Working on my choreography was something that was really important to me,” Charon said.

Charon said that after he got his MSA, the opportunity of working at the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company came up. He applied for the job and was given an opportunity to work there.

“We’ve been around 52 years,” Charon said. “It’s one of the largest contemporary dance companies today.”

Charon said what makes the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company unique is that it is constantly changing.

“We’re commissioned by artists to work all over the world,” Charon said. “We’re representing the culture of the society that’s current today, and we’re representing trends. By doing that, we are representing a contemporary dance company.”

The Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company started in Salt Lake City and it was founded in 1964, according to BYU-I Center Stage’s Web page.

“Their passion for dance not only included performing, choreographing and teaching, but it was accompanied by a deep commitment to the value of dance for everybody and its necessity in the education of youth,” according to BYU-I Center Stage’s Web page.

Charon said that a large part of the company is teaching.

“We believe dance is for everybody,” Charon said. “We believe in dance education also.”

Charon said values learned through dance can be taken into every part of a person’s life.

“Creativity, work ethic, so many good things come from dance that can be taken to any career path they choose,” Charon said. “They can be better people.”

Charon said the show has four pieces and each piece is different.

“They all celebrate life or dance in a certain way that allows people to see themselves up there, so hopefully it is a reflection of something that is going on in their own lives,” Charon said.

Charon said he hopes the dance will inspire viewers to develop compassion for something they were not aware of before.

“It’s a fun show,” Charon said. “There are compelling movements, and there’s some theatrical things that go on. There’s a little bit of something for everybody in it.”

Charon said some people are a little bit unsure of modern dance, but that the show is not going to be confusing.

“You don’t have to figure it out, you just have to experience it,” Charon said.