Rexburg, Idaho, With this new emphases for conference realignment how do you feel BYU has done and what the future might hold the future at lest for your knowledge.

Robbie Bullough talk about BYU’s move of going independent, “Their diction to go independent came at exact right time. It was something that was in the work for along time. So when Utah jumped ship and when to the PAC 12 they thought well that was the only reason that we had to stay was to be in a conference with Utah. So once they left they said that we have been working on this for a long time for years so they were able to go independent. Because that took so many years to develop I don’t see them jumping around to bunch. You saw TCU going to the Big East and now you see the big east falling apart. If there to go to the Big 12 or something like that they want stability and I also have a hard time seeing them wanting to ditch the WCC after only being there for a year. At other places they will look at the bottom line with financial. But for BYU it was a prayerful decision and I think any future movement would have to be a prayerful decision like that. But I see that BYU will wait to see if there is going to be stability.”

I had one closing question you mentioned the WCC. Really a perfect for BYU; all religious, all with in their faith, and all willing to work with BYU’s schedule.

Robbie Bullough continued, “I also see some good natural rivalries especial in basketball with Gonzaga. The other reason the WCC is a perfect conference is none of the schools have football team. Football drives conference realignment. So it’s the football team that is forcing them to move. When you have all the other teams that don’t have football that is probably the most stable conference in America right now, because it don’t have football. I see a lot of natural rivalries. There’s a lot of members of the church and BYU alumni on the Pacific coast so it seems like a perfect fit.”