Samsung has recently announced the second recall of all Galaxy Note 7 devices because of phones “overheating” and posing safety risks, according to

“We are asking consumers with an original Galaxy Note 7 or a replacement Galaxy Note 7 to power it down,” according to

Galaxy Note 7 users should contact their service providers and get a replacement phone in order to prevent the risk of their Galaxy Note 7 “catching fire,” because at least five phones did over the past week, according to

“A man in Kentucky went to the emergency room ‘vomiting black’ after he woke up to find that his replacement phone had caught fire and his bedroom was filled with smoke,” according to “The owner of that Galaxy Note 7, Michael Klering, told a local CBS station that the phone ‘was just sitting there,’ not plugged in.”

Meanwhile, in Rexburg, people are experiencing the same malfunctions.

“It’s probably the worst phone Samsung has ever made,” said Rexburg Sprint employee Jacinto Perez regarding Samsung’s recent recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

Perez said the recall has caused a lot of angry and dissatisfied customers.

“The first recall sucked completely,” Perez said. “The second one probably sucks even more because we had customers anticipating that they were going to fix the device, and then they came out with the fixed device and it’s still blowing up on people.”

A Samsung spokesperson spoke to The Verge about the heavy investigation underway over the exploding batteries, and Samsung is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine the next steps of the company, according to