Written by Jenna Schwarz

As the semester comes to a close, students staying in Rexburg for the seven-week break are looking for exciting things to do. Just 20 minutes outside of Rexburg, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes give visitors a unique opportunity to see the stars, light a fire, or do light painting and steel wool photography.

To do steel wool photography, all you need is a tripod, a camera, a whisk, rope, steel wool and a 9V battery. To set up the camera, get a low ISO (the sensitivity to light) and a long shutter speed (15 seconds at least). Stuff the steel wool in the whisk, tie the whisk to a rope, ignite the steel wool by touching it with the 9V battery, and start spinning it around. The long shutter speed will capture the sparks flying and the whole movement, making a really cool photo.

The sand dunes are perfect for a summer activity in Rexburg and a fun place to learn some new photography skills.