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Written by Cinthya Rubio and Mike Reyes

IDAHO FALLS — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a rally with over 3,000 people in attendance on Friday, March 18, in Idaho Falls.

The Skyline High School auxiliary gym filled to capacity, having about 150 people turned away due to lack of space.

With the Idaho caucus being held on March 22, Idaho Democrats will have the opportunity to cast their say in who should be the Democratic presidential nominee. Sanders said he needs Idaho’s support by voting this Tuesday.

BENNETT LANE | Scroll Photography

BENNETT LANE | Scroll Photography

“We have a path towards victory that leads right through Idaho,” Sanders said.

Sanders currently holds 856 delegates, placing him behind rival Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, who currently holds 1,614 delegates, according to The Associated Press.

Most of those attending the rally appeared to be under 30 years of age, applauding his stances on issues such as healthcare, education, finances, equality and human rights.

“We have won a significant majority of the votes of young people,” Sanders said. “We have received more votes from people under 30 than Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have combined.”

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Rebekah Barton, a junior studying child development, said it was important for younger people to vote so their voices can be heard.

“If our vote isn’t put in place when we are young, we are going to have to fix a lot of mess that is already there,” Barton said. “That mess can be avoided if we would just vote for the right candidate when we have the chance.”

Knowing that Idaho is a conservative state, Sanders said it is rare for someone to 100 percent agree with any candidate. On fundamental issues, Sanders said progressives and conservatives have a lot more in common then what corporate media portrays.

BENNETT LANE | Scroll Photography

BENNETT LANE | Scroll Photography

“Yes, there are differences between many fundamental economic issues; however, there is a lot more consensus than most people believe,” Sanders said. “I am willing to believe that a vast majority of conservatives understand we have a rigged economy.”

Leigha Nelson, a senior studying psychology, said she is supporting Sanders because she believes he is the best candidate.

“I support Bernie Sanders because I love that he is fighting for my education, and I like on how he plans on dealing with student debts,” Nelson said. “I believe that Bernie Sanders has my best interest in heart, unlike all the other candidates.”

Katelyn Bellows said she is a Hillary Clinton supporter, but wanted to hear what Sanders had to say.

“Before going into the rally, I was a firm supporter of Hillary,” Bellows said. “But I wanted to truly hear what he has to say. It changed my perspective only in that I saw how much he stressed women’s rights and equality for minorities.”

Sanders encouraged his supporters who attended not to be afraid to take a stand for what they believe and who they believe in.

“We can change America, but the only way we can change it is when millions of people stand up and fight back,” Sanders said. “That is what the political revolution is about.”

Sanders ended his rally by reminding supporters to go and vote on Tuesday to help lead the country into a new path. He said the purpose of his campaign is to encourage Americans to think outside the box.

“On Tuesday, here in Idaho, you can show the world that this state is prepared to go forward and help lead this country into a political revolution,” Sanders said.


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