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Scroll Digital Sports Nov 2nd

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Minerva Yang “I did martial arts for about three years, like, two and a half kind of, before coming to BYU. I did Tae Kwan Do and Akido.”

Brandon “So I’ve done martial arts for ten years before.”

Patrick “I’ve learned a lot I’m just getting comfortable with it as we go, and the more we do it. For me it’s a lot of fun it’s exciting.”

Minerva “It’s a different style than I’ve learned before. So I learn new things different, like, just, different styles.”

Brandon “brushing , learning it, it’s a different style than what I’ve learned so just learning new things is always fun.”

Minerva “ In Tae Kwan Do and akido we do a lot of kicks, but here we do a lot of hands like per body stuff. So I learn new stuff anyway because it’s a new style.”

Patrick “Some of the stuff we’ve gone over today is just the basic stuff: kicks and strikes and the blocks. Just kind of that main stuff. Then also taking that and incorporating it into say a fight or into an entire single movement.”

Sara “I would really like all my students to be able to progress. I can award belts and progress through the katio ku school. I’d like a girl to be able to walk from the store to her car and not be scared.”

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