Hawks vs. Wildcats
By. Craig Handy

Rexburg,ID- The Wildcats would strike first with a short touchdown pass. However, when Wildcats would get the ball back later, the Quarterback would throw a costly interception. The Wildcats were able to stop the returner from scoring but it didn’t take the Hawks long to tie the game. The Hawks running back would rumble his way into the end zone.

The Wildcats appeared to have scored on a long touchdown but holding plenty would bring it. The score would stay 6-6 at half but the Hawks would score 14 unanswered points in the second half to take the lead. However, late in the 4th the Wildcats would come back to tie it on fourth down touchdown pass; the Quarterback would then tie with 2 point conversion.

The game would not stay tied for long as the Hawks connected on long touchdown pass to retake the lead. The Wildcats would get the ball back with one more chance to tie the game but the Hawks defense would step on fourth down and hold on for a 28-20 victory.

While this puts the Hawks at 3 and 0, the loss still leave the Wildcats winless on the season.

Martial Arts
By. Duncan Kevan

Rexburg ID, There are many martial arts here at BYU-Idaho. This one takes a new stance on how to defend yourself.

Sara LeFevre “I teach Kateo Ku martial arts. It’s also referred to as karate on the calendar. This class is for anyone who wants to defend themselves or learn the traditions of martial arts.”

Patrick Kelly “I’ve been coming since the beginning of the semester. I’m off track so it gets me out of the bed every morning and gets me doing something.”

“So I just saw that they were doing a club so I came down and it was really cool.” Said Brandon Guthrie

Some who came to this class had more experience than others. That doesn’t necessarily make it easier for them.

Minerva Yang “I did martial arts for about three years, like, two and a half kind of, before coming to BYU. I did Tae Kwan Do and Akido.”

Brandon “So I’ve done martial arts for ten years before.”

Patrick “I’ve learned a lot I’m just getting comfortable with it as we go, and the more we do it. For me it’s a lot of fun it’s exciting.”

Minerva “It’s a different style than I’ve learned before. So I learn new things different, like, just, different styles.”

Brandon “brushing , learning it, it’s a different style than what I’ve learned so just learning new things is always fun.”

Minerva “ In Tae Kwan Do and akido we do a lot of kicks, but here we do a lot of hands like per body stuff. So I learn new stuff anyway because it’s a new style.”

Patrick “Some of the stuff we’ve gone over today is just the basic stuff: kicks and strikes and the blocks. Just kind of that main stuff. Then also taking that and incorporating it into say a fight or into an entire single movement.”

Sara “I would really like all my students to be able to progress. I can award belts and progress through the katio ku school. I’d like a girl to be able to walk from the store to her car and not be scared.”

Duncan Kevan, scroll digital.