Personal Honor
By. Jake Rocco and Craig Handy

REXBURG, Idaho-With the new semester underway, students participating in competitive sports are excited to get the season rolling. Before all the tryouts, drafts and practices can even happen, all students have to comply with certain standards and regulations. To even be allowed to play, students participating in competitive sports have to sign a wavier stating that they understand the honor code, the principals of honor and that they can get injured. The principals of personal honor include having integrity in our commitments, responsibilities, and covenants. Obedience is expected and developed as true principals govern lives. The Holy Ghost will strengthen the spiritual growth of every student. Lastly it brings us joy and happiness, deepens our desire to love, serve and lift others. The competitive sports program hopes all students build life-long relationships and gain a greater testimony through their participation in a sport.

JAKE ROCCO-Byu football declared their independents but with conference realignment knocking at the door there is, still many questions to be answered. scroll digital’s ryan rasmussen was able to catch- with byutv reporter robbie bullough.

Reporter Ryan Rasmussen –We’re here with Robbie Bullough with BYUtv and formally a BYU student. Robbie how has it developed with your career as even at BYU-Idaho we have students looking forward to getting into sports broadcasting. You are there you how has your journey been to get there.

Robbie Bullough-I’ve been incurability lucky. The opportunity I had still as a student to work at BYUtv. Being from the mid-west where my parents could watch and see the work we did with all the Olympic sports and then this last year with football went independent. That just opened a whole new world of opportunity for us to cover BYU Football.

Reporter Ryan Rasmussen-Now what is it like at a game as far as the atmosphere the other Coach having the opportunity go and talk to them to provide an inside look on what the other teams are doing to prepare for BYU.

Robbie Bullough-It is really cool because now that we do these pregame shows, I do interviews with the opposing team coaches. The first week it was Houston Nutt and then Mack Brown the next week. These Coaches that I have admired and all they have done in these great programs and they really respect BYU. They don’t look at them as a pushover. Houston Nutt even told me “I hope somebody will consult with me in the future before BYU’s on the schedule.” Those teams get into conference play and they have to play really tuff teams and they look at BYU as a really tuff non-conference task. So I just see a lot of respect, teams have for BYU. What Bronco Mendenhall has done there but also even going back to Lavell Edwards just the tradition that BYU Football’s built- they really respect the program.


BY: Ryan Rasmussen

Rexburg, Idaho-With this new emphases for conference realignment how do you feel BYU has done and what the future might hold the future at lest for your knowledge.

Robbie Bullough-Their diction to go independent came at exact right time. It was something that was in the work for along time. So when Utah jumped ship and when to the PAC 12 they thought well that was the only reason that we had to stay was to be in a conference with Utah. So once they left they said that we have been working on this for a long time for years so they were able to go independent. Because that took so many years to develop I don’t see them jumping around to bunch. You saw TCU going to the Big East and now you see the big east falling apart. If there to go to the Big 12 or something like that they want stability and I also have a hard time seeing them wanting to ditch the WCC after only being there for a year. At other places they will look at the bottom line with financial. But for BYU it was a prayerful decision and I think any future movement would have to be a prayerful decision like that. But I see that BYU will wait to see if there is going to be stability.

Ryan Rasmussen-I had one closing question you mentioned the WCC. Really a perfect for BYU; all religious, all with in their faith, and all willing to work with BYU’s schedule.

Robbie Bullough-I also see some good natural rivalries especial in basketball with Gonzaga. The other reason the WCC is a perfect conference is none of the schools have football team. Football drives conference realignment. So it’s the football team that is forcing them to move. When you have all the other teams that don’t have football that is probably the most stable conference in America right now, because it don’t have football. I see a lot of natural rivalries. There’s a lot of members of the church and BYU alumni on the Pacific coast so it seems like a perfect fit.

Ryan Rasmussen-Thanks Robbie

Robbie Bullough-Ok thanks Ryan

Football Combine
By. Duncan Kevan and Audrey Malone

REXBURG, Idaho-As all byu-idaho football players have now been drafted, the players gathered together on the turf for some team bonding and demonstrations of athleticism in what is known as the combine. dressed in their team colors, athletes participated in various displays of strength and agility that unified them together as teammates. they practice hard together and it’s sure to reflect in their games as the 2011 season is just about to begin. the only difference between byu-idaho football and other collegiate football programs is that byu-i athletes play with the intensity of the spirit, not just with aggression. a great gridiron line is just around the corner, so make sure to come out and sport the boys of fall.
By. Brian Thackeray

REXBURG, Idaho-For those that feel weak insecure and lacking self-confidence, byu-idaho rec sports offers jiu-jitsus classes on wednesdays and saturday. jiu-jitsu focuses on teaching those of smaller stature how to apply grapples and holds to control a larger opponents. jiu-jitsus has become more popular in recent years because of how successful it allows some one to defend against a larger people. the school teaches a form of brazilian jiu-jitsu called gracie. this class is meant for those of all skill level from novice to master. last class they focused on teaching the participants on how to use the guillotine and transitioning into the full guard variation. come out to enjoy this enthusiastic and great self-dense class.