Weekends in the spring are for spending time with friends and enjoying the warm weather. These recipes are simple twists on your average hot dogs and delicious strawberry lemonade!

Hot Dogs

Items needed:

– Hot dog buns

– Hot dog beef

– Bacon

– Onion

– Avocado

– Tomatoes

– Ketchup

– Mustard

    • Wrap bacon strips around the hot dog and cook until bacon and hot dog are fully cooked.
    • Place hot dog in bun.
    • Cut desired toppings and place on the hot dog.

Strawberry Sparkling Lemonade

Items needed:

– Lemon juice

– Strawberries

– Lemon soda

– Sugar

– Water

    • Place two cups of water into blender.
    • Add one cup of sugar, half a cup of lime juice and two cups of strawberries.
    • Blend ingredients until smooth. Add ice if desired.
    • Fill half of the cup with lemonade and add lemon soda to fill up.
    • Add a lemon slice for decoration.

Enjoy with friends out in the sun!