Second baby boom could save the U.S.

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For the first time, the country as a whole may experience a lower standard of living because of its inability to renew itself.

With the current issues in today’s society, including the threat of a lower standard of living and dropping unemployment rates, it is no wonder Americans hesitate to bring children into the world.

But that may be exactly what this country needs. Though an increase in birthrates isn’t an answer for all the economic problems we face, it is a long-term solution that will give the country a boost.

Without the addition of more people to work, invent, create and innovate, the country may never get out of its current economic rut. A high standard of living requires many hands to contribute to society.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment rates are at a current 7.9 percent.

That means that even if the unemployment rate stays at its current poor condition in about 20 years, 92 out of every 100 babies born now will grow to find work and contribute to society.

It is estimated that during the “baby boom” of the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s some 78.3 million Americans were born. That made almost 40 percent of the population during that time, according to App to spy on your

When they grew older, the economy began to thrive. In turn, the thriving economy fed the mouths of the children of the baby boomers.

“Everybody comes into world with one mouth and two hands,” said economist Donald Boudreaux of George Mason University in a U.S. News article. “It’s generally true that most people produce more than they consume.”

While it is true that families are fundamental to society, raising children has benefits that go beyond the personal desire to have children.

Let’s not see it as more mouths to feed, but as more hands to hold the greatness and ingenuity of America. Daily activity tracker android Dissenting Opinion: Install spy app on cell Having more children won’t fix the economy

There is no doubt that the economy Americans have been faced with is problematic, and new solutions to solve this problem are proposed every day. However, to propose that young Americans increase the amount of children they have in order to increase our economy is flawed.

While the economy may have boomed as the babies born in the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s grew older, the current state we are in with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid prove that the people who once sported the economy are too vast of a number for us to now sport them.

It’s certainly true that young coles should not shy away from welcoming the blessings of children into their life just because the economy has been less than ideal. It is also true that a child should not automatically be seen as dollar signs, but there is no doubt that coles should seriously consider whether they can sport the cost of a child before they have one in order to be responsible.

From an economic standpoint, although having more children may help our economy in the future, the distant future looks far less promising for those children born in the proposed second baby boom.

The current state of our economy, and the way that our senior citizens are suffering along with everyone else is proof of this inevitable fate.

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  1. August 5, 2016 @ 12:16 pm Political Momma

    I think it makes sense to encourage people to have families.
    So let’s give married families with kids tax breaks.
    They are the ones who are (proven) to raise children &who they are more likely to provide for their own kids& kids are less likely to be delinquent.
    Encourage babies in families.
    We shouldn’t hinder them.
    Scary enough our growth is mostly from Muslims we are paying for on govt programs aka our taxes.
    Give families insentives to have more than 2 kids!
    Before we end up like Russia


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