HAYLEY LUCAS | Scroll Photography

HAYLEY LUCAS | Scroll Photography

The third speaker of the 185th Annual general Conference was Elder Jose A. Teixeira of the Seventy.

“A deeper understanding of Jesus Christ will give us greater hope for the future, and despite our imperfections, more confidence in achieving our righteous goals,” Elder Teixeira said.

He said we have more of a privilege and opportunity to share the gospel than ever before.

“Using these resources appropriately will help us live a fruitful life filled with joy,” Elder Teixeira said.

He said as we gain a greater understanding of the role of Christ in our lives, the more aware we will become of our purpose here on earth.

Elder Teixeira said every day we should do things that deepen our understanding of the significance of the Lord in our lives.

He also said we should find ways to share our knowledge of the gospel with others.

“God wants us to have joy and feel His Love,” Elder Teixeira said. Christ makes such joy a possibility for each of us. We have the means to know him better and to live His gospel.”