Compiled by William Lovell

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

FEB. 12

• Police were dispatched to a battery complaint at Pizza Hut on Main Street. The complainant, a female delivery driver for Pizza Hut, reported a customer grabbed her face and pushed her out of an apartment during a delivery. Police contacted the reported customer at his apartment, but found he was not the person involved. After returning the complainant’s call, she was not sure where the event actually happened or who was involved. No further action was taken.

• Officers responded to an apartment complex to help a male who wanted to kill himself. The person was found to be intoxicated and suicidal. He was taken to a crisis center in Idaho Falls for observation and help.

• Police were dispatched to a suspicious vehicle where a motorist observed individuals possibly rolling a marijuana joint. Police found the vehicle and made contact with its owners. Police discovered that one passenger was reshaping a cigarette. The operator of the vehicle allowed police to search the vehicle, and no illegal drugs were found.

FEB. 13

• Police were dispatched to a local business due to a report of an alarm. Upon arrival, dispatch informed responding officers the alarm company canceled the alarm due to a faulty sensor. Police cleared the scene.

• Police were asked to perform a welfare check at a local residence for an 8-year-old boy. Police checked the residence and discovered that the boy was not there. He was in Utah. Police contacted the complainant who lived in Utah and informed them of what the police had discovered.

• Police were dispatched to the construction site at 339 West Fifth South late at night. The reporting party said a young man was trespassing. The young man supposedly told the reporting party he wanted to explore the site. Police searched the construction site and were unable to locate the reported male.

FEB. 15

• Officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance. They spoke with the people involved and learned that they were upset about various issues. Officers determined that the issue was verbal and no crime had been committed. The subjects were asked to keep the peace.

• A female called police to report her father and brother fighting with weapons. Officers arrived and resolved the conflict with no arrest and no injuries.

• Police assisted Jefferson County Probation with a juvenile who had come into Madison Memorial Emergency. The juvenile was reported as possibly huffing air dusters and driving a vehicle.

FEB. 16

• Police were dispatched to an apartment complex on South Second East to take a theft report. Upon arrival, contact was made with the complainant who was a manager of the apartment complex. They said some money was taken, and they knew who took it. They got the money back, but wanted a report taken. Police made contact with the male suspect, and he admitted to taking it. The managers said they were going to contact the owner to see if they wanted criminal charges filed.

• Police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by an adult male with a suspended driver’s license. The driver was issued a citation and given a mandatory court date. The driver was then released and told he could not drive and that he needed to find a ride home.

FEB. 17

• Police received a report of a scam. The reporting party had received a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS saying that they have a law suit against her. The reporting party knew this was not true and did not give any of her information to the caller. Police called back the number and the female on the line hung up when the police officer identified himself. The number used by the suspects was 202-820-3568. Note: Madison County also received numerous calls from this same scam.

• A parent reported concerns of possible illegal activity by his teenage daughter.