Jan. 15-20

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

Jan. 15

• Police responded to a business alarm. The alarm was activated due to human error. A written warning was given to the business by the alarm ordinance officer.

• Police and fire units responded to the south-bound off-ramp at U.S. 20 at the mile post. The complainant, a passerby, reported a vehicle was on fire and everyone was out of the vehicle. Upon arrival of emergency personnel, the driver of the vehicle had thrown snow onto the engine putting out the small fire. The driver had a friend on the way to help tow the disabled vehicle.

Jan. 16

• Police returned a phone call to a complainant from Boise, Idaho. The complainant arranged through Craigslist to have a photo booth transported to Provo, Utah, from Rexburg, Idaho. The photo booth has not made it to Provo.
The complainant is concerned that he has been scammed.

• Officers were dispatched to a motorist assist where the complainant thought that the driver of the vehicle had an open container of alcohol. An officer found that the driver had been drinking and was not in physical control of the vehicle. The driver was cited and released for having an open container in the vehicle. The driver got a ride home.

Jan. 17

• Police were dispatched to the area of South First West due to reports of multiple unoccupied parked vehicles in violation of the winter parking ordinance. Five vehicles were obstructing snow plows from their obligation to clear city streets of snow. A Taylor’s Chevrolet tow truck was instructed by police to move the vehicles to an area already cleared by snow plows. Five parking tickets were issued.

• Police responded to a noise complaint at the Mountain Loft Apartments. Police arrived, located the source of the complaint and made contact with the tenant of the apartment. Police warned the individual for disturbing the peace and for the City of Rexburg’s noise ordinance.

Jan. 18

• Police responded to the area of Seventh South and Second East to take a property damage report. Police met with a male who advised that during the night someone had entered, thrown eggs in their apartment, moved their couches and threw pillows on the floor. Police arrived and met with the reporting party and photographed the damage. The male advised that they had already cleaned some of it up but he took pictures. Police asked him if he had any idea who had done it and he said he did not. Police told him they would document the incident and contact him if anything new surfaced.

• Police were asked to return a phone call to a citizen regarding parking questions. Police answered all the questions the caller had and offered additional assistance if needed later in the evening.

• Police responded to a report of a theft and child custody matter. Upon speaking with the reporting person, police found the property taken was mutual property and that there was no child custody agreement in place. Both parents still have full custody rights.

Jan. 19

• A female student felt another student was spreading lies and starting rumors about her and she wanted police to talk to the other student and make it stop. The school principle and police met with the other student and told them of the concerns and explained how it needed to stop.

Jan. 20

• Police responded with the ambulance to a gas leak in Pioneer Plaza. The gas was shut off, and the gas company was notified of this incident.

• Police took a theft report of a stolen laptop from a local apartment. The case is under investigation.

• Police were dispatched to a one-vehicle accident with no injuries or blockage. Police arrived on scene and observed that air bags were not deployed.