Compiled by William Lovell

Jan. 21-25                                               

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

Jan. 21

• A Wal-Mart representative requested to have an officer escort as they moved their inventory to the new Wal-Mart.

• Police received a report of disorderly conduct at a local apartment complex.The complainant said someone had put crude notes on the windshield of her vehicle and had written an explicit phrase in permanent marker on the rear license plate. She said this was possibly over a parking space dispute at the complex as they had just recently moved in. Police spoke with the manager of the complex and the complainant’s neighbor concerning the incident. The investigation is ongoing.

• Police responded to a report of a panic alarm at a local business. While responding to the area, police received 

a request to cancel the response. Police continued to the business to confirm that a crime was not occurring. Police confirmed the alarm was a false alarm.

Jan. 22

• An officer was dispatched to an apartment complex for a dead coyote. The officer

located the coyote which was frozen and placed upright in the snow at the complex.

The officer determined that no laws had been broken and that it was probably a prank. The officer offered to remove the animal and the complaintant stated that he did not need anything else. 

• Police were asked to return a phone call to a citizen who was worried about being victim to a fraud scam. Police spoke with the individual who was lucky to not be cheated out of thousands of dollars. The caller stated he is going to contact the bank to fix the problem so they do not get into trouble or owe the bank any money. It is unknown where the suspect of the fraud lives, but is believed to be operating from outside of the country.

Jan. 23

• Officers responded to a complaint of a man in a white SUV trying to get a woman and her

child into a vehicle with him. The complainant thought it might be a domestic disturbance. The vehicle was stopped on the north end of town. While checking the driver’s driving status, police found that the woman had filed a civil protection order against the man. Police found that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. He failed the field sobriety test and was arrested for DUI and violation of a protective order. The female and child were taken to a safe house.

• An officer responded to a vehicle burglary complaint at a college-approved apartment

parking lot. The complainant said he came out that morning and found that someone had tried to remove his stereo system from his vehicle but was unsuccessful. The vehicle was locked, but there was a window ajar, and the person was able to get through the window. There was no other damage nor were any other items taken.

Jan. 24

• Police conducted a traffic stop where an officer had suspicions of an individual using  drugs. Police K9 units conducted a free air sniff of the exterior of the vehicle. Their K9s did not indicate signs of drugs on the exterior of the vehicle. The driver was issued a traffic citation and released.

• Police received a call in reference to a vehicle being booted in an apartment complex parking lot. Police made contact with the reporting person and advised that the issue was a civil matter and  would have to be resolved by the two disputing parties and not by the police. 

Jan. 25

• An officer was dispatched to a traffic complaint. A silver truck was seen   driving around trying to get other cars to race. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate the truck in question.

• Police responded to a report of a prescription pad that had been fraudulently used and possibly stolen. Police gathered all pertinent information from the complainant. This incident is currently under investigation.

•  An officer was dispatched to the BYU-Idaho security office to take a suspicious incident complaint. An officer took the report and conducted an investigation.