Compiled by William Lovell

March 19-23

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

March 19

• Police were advised of two dogs who got out of their fenced area because a gate was left open. One dog is a yellow lab, and the other is a chocolate lab. The owner of the dogs called just to let police know in case someone calls about the dogs or the dogs are located by police.

• Police stopped at Maverick on Second East for a business check and, while standing in the parking lot, they could smell the odor of burnt marijuana. They observed that the occupants of two vehicles in the parking lot exited their vehicle around the same time. Police contacted the occupants of both vehicles and were able to determine which vehicle the odor had come from. Police approached the vehicle to make contact with a passenger in the vehicle, and when the passenger opened his door to greet the police, the odor of raw marijuana was observed coming from the car. Police detained the two occupants and searched the car. Police located a small amount of marijuana. The two occupants were arrested for possession of marijuana.

March 20

• Police received a report of a stolen dog in a vehicle along with possible marijuana. The report came through the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office. Police located and stopped the car. The incident turned out to be a family dispute between an adult, son and his parent. The son was the reporting party. The stolen dog was not in the car, and the son has had the dog for over a week. The occupants gave consent to search the car. No drugs or indicators of drug use was found during the search. The report appeared to be false. The information was passed back to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office.

• Police responded to NorthPoint Apartments for a report of an unwanted male in an apartment. Police arrived and made contact with all parties involved. The male reported as unwanted was invited into the apartment by the majority of the tenants. Police advised the roommates to work out their issues with the manager.

March 22

• Officers received a call for an individual violating a no contact order. Officers contacted the reporting party who told them that a family member had received a Facebook message from an individual; they had a no contact order against asking for charges to be dropped. Officers tried to contact the violator but were unable to do so. The incident is still being investigated.

• Officers were dispatched to a call of an odor of marijuana coming from an apartment. Officers responded and were able to smell the odor of raw marijuana. Upon entering the residence officers found drug paraphernalia. Four individuals were arrested for possession of paraphernalia and frequenting a place where drugs were used. The case is still being investigated for pending charges.

March 23

• Police responded to a report of stolen property in the Manwaring Center on BYU-Idaho’s campus. This incident is currently under investigation.

• Police met with a citizen at the Rexburg Police Department concerning personal safety concerns. Police were informed that the citizen fears for her safety because someone has left women’s underwear on her car while she is at work. Police are investigating this incident. Police placed a special watch in the area of the complaint and provided the citizen with personal protection tips.

• An officer was dispatched to return a phone call regarding a complaint of telephone harassment. The officer spoke with the complaint who stated that an unknown person called them and stated that the complainant had stolen their cell phone and number. The officer contacted the other party and learned that the person called the wrong number.

• Police were dispatched to a one-vehicle traffic accident where a vehicle had struck a building on private property. Police responded and located the vehicle and began gathering information. Police met with the driver of the vehicle who did not show any signs of impairment. The driver complained of a headache and requested an ambulance. The ambulance arrived and checked on the driver.