Compiled by William Lovell

March 3 – 8

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

March 3

• Police were forwarded a phone call from a citizen who wanted to know what their rights were regarding their mother taking their apartment and car keys. When police were talking with the individual, the connection was lost, and there was not a contact phone number to call the individual back. Police checked the building where they believed the individual lived and were not able to locate the individual or someone who knew the individual.

• Police returned a phone call to a citizen regarding an individual who did not pay what he owed to the complainant. Police were informed that the debt that was owed was for a cab fare. The cab driver agreed to let the individual pay at a later date, but when the time arrived, the individual did not pay. Police informed the complainant that this issue is a civil issue. Police said they answered all other questions to the best of their ability.

• Police received a report of a possible battery between a 16-year-old son and his father. Police investigated the incident and found that no crime was committed.

• Police located an open door when conducting business checks in the downtown area. Police checked the building and did not find anything suspicious. Police attempted but were not able to make contact with a responsible party.

• Two males came into the police department and reported they were receiving indirect threats from a roommate who they believed had a gun. Police offered to approach the roommate and talk with him about it, but the two males declined for reasons of fear of escalation and retaliation. Police encouraged the two males to speak with management and request to be moved to another apartment. No further action at this time.

March 4 

• Police received a fraud complaint. The reporting party has had previous fraudulent activity using his name, date of birth and Social Security Number. The reporting party was notified by a credit monitoring company of a Kohl’s credit card and a mortgage in Clifton, New Jersey, that have been charged on his credit. The credit reporting company requested a police report to remove the fraudulent items from his credit.

March 5

• Police were dispatched with the fire department to a possible structure fire. Upon arrival, it was identified as a controlled burn in a pit near the house. No structure was threatened. No further action was taken.

• Police responded to a private property parking lot complaint where a vehicle had parked in front of a fire hydrant. Police arrived and were unable to locate the vehicle.

March 6

• Police responded to an animal complaint in the area of South Fifth West. Police made contact with the owner of the animal and took the dog to their residence where it was released to the owner.

• Officers responded to a complaint of someone smoking marijuana in a convenience store parking lot. Upon arrival and talking with the couple, it was determined they had been smoking cigarettes.

March 8

• Police returned a phone call to a citizen concerning the process is used to get a civil protection order. Police said they answered all questions to the best of their knowledge.

• Police responded to a pharmacy on Main Street in regards to a female trying to pass a fraudulent script for 80 pills of 50 mg of Tramadol. The female was on probation and also had a $10,000 warrant state wide extradition for failing to pay court fines.

• Police received a walk-in report of minor damages to a vehicle. The complainant said she had parked in a local grocery store lot on March 7 around 2 p.m. She left the vehicle parked for about two hours. When she returned to her vehicle, she noticed scratches to the right rear bumper of her car. She did not report the incident until March 8. She was advised to complete an accident report.