Feb. 19-22

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

Feb. 19

• Police received a report of a stolen payroll check. When the reporting party attempted to obtain a replacement check, the issuing company reported that the check had been cashed in Oregon. The reporting party needed a police report to obtain the replacement check.

• Police were dispatched to the animal shelter for a stray puppy in the area of Valley River Drive wandering in the street. The puppy did not have a collar or any tags to identify the owner. The puppy was placed in the shelter where it will remain until an owner comes to claim it or it is adopted out.

• Police were asked to return a phone call to a Rexburg resident who advised they found a cat and wanted to surrender it to the shelter. Police returned the call and advised the caller that the shelter takes cats as a courtesy and asks that the residents bring cats into the shelter during regular business hours. Police also informed the caller when regular hours for the animal shelter.

• Police returned a phone call in reference to questions about children riding bicycles in the roadway.

• Police received a report of telephone harassment. The reporting party said she received a phone call indicating that she had sexually explicit pictures of her posted on the Internet. She also indicated that her Facebook account had been hacked. Police were able to obtain the IP address of the supposed unauthorized computer accessing her account. The investigation is ongoing.

• Police and EMS units were dispatched to an adult female in extreme pain. The pain was possibly due to kidney stones. Police assisted EMS units transport the female to Madison Memorial Hospital.

• Police responded to the area of North Third East in reference to a report of a possible suicidal female. The male reporting party stated that the female was his girlfriend and that she had texted him a picture of some anti-depressants that she was going to take. Police made contact with the female and her mother, and it was discovered that the female had not taken the medications and was not going to harm herself but wanted to talk to someone. Police coordinated with the mother to connect the subject with her counselor.

Feb. 20

• Police received a complaint of a 7-year-old boy choking at the theatre located on the 400 North block of Second East. Police responded along with a EMS. Upon arrival, The boy was breathing normally. Madison paramedics checked on the boy and released him to his parents care.

• Police received a report of an attempted fraud via Craigslist. The complainant responded to an ad for babysitting and eventually received a check for an amount over the agreed payment. The complainant was instructed in an email to send back the overage. The complainant did not do as instructed and instead contacted police.

Feb. 22

• Officers were dispatched to a residence for a complaint of harassment and trespassing. Officers arrived and attempted to speak with the suspect. The victim stated that the suspect unlawfully touched him. An officer told the suspect she was being detained and was not free to leave. The suspect told the officer she was leaving and the officer told her she was under arrest. As officers tried to take the suspect into custody, she resisted and was eventually restrained. The suspect sustained minor injuries, was charged and taken to jail.

• Police took a theft report from a patient at the therapy department of Madison Memorial Hospital. The complainant said she left her personal belongings in an unlocked locker. She discovered cash had been taken from her wallet when she returned to the locker.

• Police took a walk-in report at the Rexburg Police Department regarding an individual expressing concern about pictures sent to her phone from a number not known to her. Police advised the reporting party to change her phone number and that they filed a report.

• Police responded to a local business due to reports of an elderly lady accidentally driving her vehicle into the business and then into a parked vehicle. EMS confirmed no injuries were sustained.