Compiled by William Lovell

Feb. 25 – Mar. 2

Editor’s note: All information contained in this section is public record and is accessible to anyone through the Rexburg Police Department.

Feb. 25

• Police received a report of an adult female who entered the Wal-Mart store with one merchandise item and picked up a second item and then went to the service desk and completed a no receipt return of both items. The female was identified by store employees and has a history of theft and fraudulent store returns. The investigation is ongoing.

• Police were dispatched to a complaint of harassment. The reporting party said his girlfriend has been receiving text messages from people saying things about him that are not true. Reported person has been contacted and advised to drop the situation.

• Police were dispatched to Wal-Mart where a female was in custody for suspected petit theft. Police arrived on scene and questioned the female. All merchandise was accounted for. The female admitted to stealing. Police cited the female with petit theft and released her.

Feb. 26

• Police responded to a report of domestic battery at a local apartment complex. An adult male was arrested and booked into Madison County Jail.

• Police responded to a report of counterfeit money that was used at a local business. Police arrived and gathered pertinent information. This case is currently under investigation.

Feb. 27

• Police were dispatched to an incident where an individual confronted the owner of a business and became argumentative. The individual then produced a knife during the argument before fleeing the scene. Police responded and located the individual who was taken into custody, and met with witnesses and the owner of the business. This incident is still under investigation.

• Police and emergency medical services were dispatched to a female who was on the sidewalk unconscious. Units arrived and police assisted emergency medical services in loading the female. The female was still unresponsive when she was transported to Madison Memorial Hospital.

Feb. 29

• Police checked the welfare of an individual that had posted pictures of cut arms and legs. The person had been suicidal in the past. The person was found at a physician office in Rexburg seeking treatment and was OK.

• Officers were dispatched to a suspicious incident. The complainant stated that someone was walking around their house. Officers checked the area and were unable to find anyone. Officers put a special watch on the residence for two weeks.

• Police were dispatched to a hit-and-run accident that had occurred in a parking garage. Police responded and gathered information. Police also reviewed camera footage. Police are still investigating the incident.

• Police responded to a local residence to take a hit-and-run report that occurred near Beehive Bank. Information was collected and photographs were taken. The investigation is in progress.

Mar. 2

• Police were dispatched to the Tuscany Village Apartments for a civil standby. While conducting the standby, the reported party picked up a weapon. The officer commanded him to drop it. The subject did so, and when police went to remove the weapon from the room, the male charged the police officer, struck  him and tried to regain control of the weapon. The male was arrested for battery on an officer and obstruction. No injuries occurred during the arrest.

• An officer was dispatched to a harassment complaint. The complainant stated that his ex-girlfriend would not leave him alone and he did not want contact from her anymore. The officer contacted the ex-girlfriend and explained that the complainant did not want further contact.

• Police were asked to do a VIN inspection for an out-of-state vehicle. The VIN was checked to determine if the car was stolen. The VIN came back as valid.