Rand Paul

COURTESY PHOTO | Huffington Post

Kentucky Senator and presidential hopeful Rand Paul is set to attend a BBQ in Idaho Falls on Aug. 27 at 7:00 p.m.

The Region 7 Republican Central Committee and the Madison County Republican Party Central Committee has announced their 44th annual BBQ event as a way to bring together like-minded individuals and elected officials in support of the Republican Party.

The BBQ will be held at The Riverbend Ranch at 2880 N. 55 W. in Idaho Falls and is open to the public.

Individual and corporate tickets may be purchased from precinct leaders of the Madison County Republican Party Committee.

For more information contact Stephen McGary at 208-313-0654, Doug Ricks at 208-201-6405, Bob Jones at 208-356-0255, Elaine King at 208-356-4419 or Marsha Bjornn at 208-356-9350.