Ashley Young: Every year, towards the end of the semester, the Communications Department holds a senior showcase where graduating seniors show off their skills and abilities obtained throughout their years at BYU Idaho.


Kylee Benesh: Well my emphasis is news journalism and so I want to be a news broadcaster anchor and so I interviewed people and then did reviews on products to get more camera time so that it was incorporating my major into my project.

These seniors have been working on their projects all semester. They can use these projects to add to their resume and show to future employers.


Andrew Parry: That time and effort, seeing it pay off in the end and having the opportunity to have people come up and interview you and be a little bit impressed by the stuff that you’ve done. It really makes a huge impact on me being the student and potentially my professional career because it is something that I can showcase to those future employers.


Ashley Young: People walked around to different booths where the seniors presented their projects. Along with the booths there was live music preformed by students from the music department, an art showcase with pieces from the art department, and delicious treats.


Andrew Parry: It doesn’t have to be something to fear. It can be something that you enjoy and that you work hard to do the very best that you can.


Ashley Young: We wish luck to all the seniors graduating this semester and we know they are all off to do great things! This is Ashley Young from BYU Idaho Scroll TV News.